Who We Are?

The Royal Fitness Club is a sports nutrition, weight loss and health & wellness community committed to providing quality products, savings and low prices to our customers. We are a team of nutritional enthusiasts who love helping people reach and maintain their physical goals. We identify the best brand of supplements and nutritional products on the market, and discount them to the lowest affordable prices. In addition, we use our community of subscribers to pass even steeper savings and benefits to all brands and their related products. This customer first savings model was designed to allow almost anyone to afford quality nutritional products without compromising other needs.

Royal Fitness Club.com is also the primary distributor for several key brands like Rocks Nutrition, F9, Red Top Water, and different tea line products. If those brands are not your choice, don’t worry. RFC also sells the most popular nutritional brands of supplements and other functional foods and beverages with online prices lower than anywhere else on the Internet. If you’re into sports fitness, weight loss, body building or just general health and wellness, you should join the Royal Fitness Club and receive discounts on all your favorite nutritional products.



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