The Royal Fitness Club promotes and supports the vegan lifestyle. We have a line of products that contribute to the diet and nutritional practice of the vegan way of life. We understand the growing need of vegan supplemental and food options as their benefits continue to be more scientifically evident. Our Vegan Activity Kit allows our vegan members to be fully integrated into the clubs products and culture.

Our Vegan Activity Kit will supply you with the required supplements and food choices to help you maintain your nutritional goals. We want to help the entire vegan community expand the vegan culture by sharing our products at valuable discounts. Once you become a member, you may choose the Vegan Activity Kit as a means to help continue the vegan lifestyle.

Vegan Activity Kit

Vegan Activity Kit

True - Advanced Probiotics

Vegan Protein - Single Chocolate

Vegan Protein - Single Vanilla

B-12 5000 mcg

Tape Measure

Shaker Bottle