The Royal Fitness Club offers a Gold Membership to assist professionals, businesses, schools, colleges, leagues, athletic programs and groups that are committed to improving their organizations’ fitness and nutritional needs. Our membership allows fitness, nutritional and industry leaders to have access to a higher level of benefits in the form of sponsorships, discounts, promotional items and new products, which should extend to their participants, mentees or clientele. The RFC Gold Membership is ideal for trainers, coaches, instructors, athletic directors, doctors, gym owners, weight loss clinics, and those of similar industry levels.

Each member receives a nutritional Activity Kit of products specific to the goal, lifestyle or category they select. The Activity Kits are exclusive to members only and include certain products from the popular brands sold on Our supply partners together with our nutritional team decide which of their brands and products they want to promote to our members. These best selected products in addition to RFC’s promotional items become the valuable content of the Activity Kits. The kits are created to encourage organizations to consider using the products promoted by the suppliers of the brands. Members may order an additional or new type of Activity Kit at any time for the wholesale price and Free shipping.

Activity Kits

Weight Loss                      Sports Nutrition                  Men's Health               Women's Health


To become an RFC Gold member, you or someone from your organization must first become a Club 3 Subscriber. Once you register as a Gold Member, you may choose an Activity Kit that suites your organizations’ goal, purpose or activity. All members seeking sponsorship for their programs, classes, games or organizational activities are individually approved based on the verification of their application.

Gold Membership

$129.00 Annual Member Fee

Activity Kit

Weight LossSports NutritionMen or Women

Sponsorship Opportunities (Free or Discounted Products for Classes, Events, Games and Fitness or Sports Activities)

FREE Activity Kit (Brand Products Bundled in a Box)

FREE T-Shirt and Apparel

FREE Shipping on All RFC and Rocks Nutrition Supplements

Steeper Discount Coupons on Most Products

FREE Promotional Items

FREE Sample Products

First to Receive New Product Notices and Samples

Vote and recommend brands for RFC to distribute

FREE Access to RFC Sponsored Classes and Events

Access to the Recipe Portal